Ayotte Lab

Our group is investigating physics and chemistry of ices. We use various surface science techniques to probe complex reaction dynamics as well as underlying mechanisms occurring in ice and at its surface. Through molecular modelling and numerical simulations, we endeavour to provide molecular level interpretations leading to a better understanding of environmental problems such as heterogeneous chemistry phenomena occurring in the atmosphere.

Recent Publications

Constantin Krüger, Elina Lisitsin-Baranovsky, Oded Ofer, Pierre-Alexandre Turgeon, Jonathan Vermette, Patrick Ayotte, Gil Alexandrowicz

A magnetically focused molecular beam source for deposition of spin-polarised molecular surface layers Journal Article

The Journal of Chemical Physics, 149 (16), pp. 164201, 2018.

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Pierre-Alexandre Turgeon, Jonathan Vermette, Gil Alexandrowicz, Yoann Peperstraete, Laurent Philippe, Mathieu Bertin, Jean-Hugues Fillion, Xavier Michaut, Patrick Ayotte

Confinement Effects on the Nuclear Spin Isomer Conversion of H2O Journal Article

The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 121 (8), pp. 1571-1576, 2017.

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Elina Lisitsin-Baranovsky, Sarah Delage, Oscar Sucre, Oren Ofer, Patrick Ayotte, Gil Alexandrowicz

In Situ NMR Measurements of Vapor Deposited Ice Journal Article

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 120 (44), pp. 25445-25450, 2016.

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Guillaume Marcotte, Patrick Marchand, Stephanie Pronovost, Patrick Ayotte, Carine Laffon, Philippe Parent

Surface-Enhanced Nitrate Photolysis on Ice Journal Article

The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 119 (10), pp. 1996-2005, 2015.

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